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The Raffles Academy

The Raffles Academy (RA) is RGS' talent development component for specialised areas of learning in the Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Science and Languages. The Academy provides a unique environment, in both the physical and intellectual terms, for scholarly pursuits at the highest possible level in each of these disciplines.

The RA seeks to cater to students with special gifts, talents and passions with the aim to nurture their pioneering spirit, innovative disposition and to develop their distinct ability. Students chosen for the Academy will be pulled out from their regular classes for up to a maximum of two subject areas for Y3 and Y4. They will attend Academy classes where, under the guidance of RA teachers, they are given the opportunity to accelerate and advance their learning.

Special programmes under the Academy include:

  1. Advanced and enriched modules enabling students to pursue their areas of passion at a higher level of rigour and depth, and to cultivate other areas of interest.
  2. Internship/Mentorship with academics from tertiary institutions and leading practioners from industries.
  3. Overseas attachment and collaboration opportunities, as well as participation in international platforms and forums.

To qualify for the Raffles Academy, students must obtain a strong overall Grade Point Average as well as an outstanding Grade Point for subject they wish to enter the Academy for. They must also have demonstrated a consistently high level of intellectual curiosity and commitment to learning in the discipline, when compared to their peers.