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Talent Development Approach

A precious stone needs to be polished to become a glittering jewel. Like gems, potential or natural abilities (gifts) need to be appropriately nurtured and developed before one can realize and achieve her potential with excellence. The goal of talent development in RGS is to help students understand their own interests, strengths, and potentials, to know how to pursue and engage in the best talent development activities, and for the students to commit themselves to the development of their talents, so that they may become women of scholarship who will be the leaders of distinction committed to excellence and enterprise, in service of the nation and the community.

The talent development programme at Raffles Girls' School follows Dr. Treffinger's Levels of Service (LoS) approach. Based on more than two decades of research, the four levels of services serve as a guiding framework for designing appropriate and challenging learning experiences. They range from a broad array of services for the school-wide population (Level 1) to those focused more specifically on the characteristics and readiness of students in specific talent areas that are demonstrated by a few (Level 4).

Level of Services Description Examples (non-exhaustive)
Level I “Discovering & Building“ A variety of services are provided to expose students to different experiences. Provision of instruction in foundation-building skills and tools. Services constitute of content and processes that are appropriate and challenging for all students.
Level II “Curious & Exploring” Services provide opportunities for students to verify their motivation, competence and commitment to their areas of strengths, interest and curiousity. Services are either voluntary or invitational in nature.
Level III “Enthusiastic & Performing” Services respond to needs based on individual strengths, talents and sustained interests. Focus is on strengthening competence, confidence and commitment in the identified talent area. Services are more differentiated and responsive to students’ unique strengths and readiness in talent areas.
Level IV “Passionate & Soaring” Services are constructed to respond to the blossoming expertise of the students and provide an environment that supports and encourages students to self-initiate and self-direct services based on their personal talent area. Highly individualized services that require an extraordinary level of skills development and commitment.
  • Academic customization and individualisation through the Individualised Education Plan (e.g. acceleration in specific disciplines, grade skipping)