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Research Studies

The curriculum is designed to develop information literacy and research skills in our students, prepare them for lifelong learning, and enable them to contribute to the knowledge community to effect societal improvement. The curriculum also readies our students for higher-level external mentorship projects with universities and institutes of higher learning, where our students are given avenues to challenge their cognitive development and creativity through research work under the guidance of a professional.

Project assignments are inquiry-based and constructivist in approach, focusing on the process of authentic learning in solving problems. In this way, a platform is provided for students to integrate and apply their knowledge from the classroom to real world issues. Students are able to engage in research projects in a range of areas. These include Science, Mathematics, Engineering, IT, Business, Humanities, Creative Writing and the Fine Arts. As projects are typically of a high intellectual standard, many students go on to showcase their work at various local and international programmes and competitions, including the Singapore Science & Engineering Fair, Odyssey of the Mind and Future Problem Solving Program.