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Philosophy raises foundational questions about the basic assumptions of every form of human thought and inquiry, and critically examines one's most fundamental beliefs about truth and reality, right and wrong. Through this examination, the discipline of philosophy helps us to organise and unify our view of the world and make deeper sense of it. Philosophical inquiry thus leads to a richer and more informed understanding of our place in the world, our attempts to make meaning of it and how we ought to live.

In the Raffles Philosophy Course, students are introduced to some of the most important questions that philosophers have contemplated for the past two and a half millennia, as well as the most powerful answers that have been given so as to heighten students' appreciation of philosophy. In particular, students will understand the methods which philosophers have developed in raising and attempting to answer these questions, namely, argument and critical analysis.

The Raffles Philosophy Course also aims to nurture a community of inquirers with a spirit of inquiry, strong empathy, well-honed reasoning and dialoguing skills.