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Raffles Girls' School strongly values synergistic, structured and sustainable partnerships in order to achieve the school's vision, mission & strategic goals of providing a holistic and dynamic education for RGS girls. The four main groups of valued partners include the RGS Board of Governors, Parents, Alumni & community individuals/organisations & industry experts who are valued for what each group can do best for the school.

RGS' Board of Governors (RGS-BOG) provides guidance on school governance, financial assistance for pupils from underprivileged backgrounds and funding for scholarships and awards. RGS-BOG also provides counsel and expertise on major school projects like campus redevelopment and planning for the new campus. RGS-BOG has had representation on Raffles Institution’s Board of Governors since 2009 to enhance collaboration between the Raffles schools and smooth transition of RGS girls to Year 5 and 6 in RI. The school actively engages the RGS-BOG to foster a sense of community by inviting the members to attend school events, serve as Guest-of-Honour or guest speaker at such events, avail their work places to support school goals and officiate at annual RGS Promotion Ceremonies.

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Parents provide many support platforms to help the girls transit into RGS. The school deploys various channels and platforms to engage the parents. The 2-way parent engagement strategies are face-to-face conferences, annual School-Parent Meetings and Breakfast meetings with the Principals for each level, various briefings for parents, Year 1 Orientation Tea and Parents' Education workshops/talks. The Raffles Wave- a bi-monthly online newsletter for parents and alumni helps keep parents updated on school events, achievements and the staff and students' efforts in serving the nation and community. Parents for RGS Association (PRGS) is another engagement platform between parents, school and the community. Through over 25 PRGS-organised events every year such as fieldtrips, community service, career talks, parents' education workshops and the biennial Golf Tournaments, parents plugged into school life and help raise funds for the schools' initiatives and programmes.

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Alumni provide expertise, resources and funding in support of school events, projects and awards. The school works closely with alumni through the Alumni Relations Officer and the ORA-RGS Chapter to promote networking among alumni, interaction between current students and alumni, and encourage a sense of belonging through communication and active involvement in school activities. The Alumni also use school venues for class reunions to help alumni stay connected to their alma mater. Annual ORA Family Fests, jointly organised by RGS & RI, raise funds and promote interaction between alumni of the Raffles schools. The school also leverages the pool of talented alumni for networking, expertise and support for schools programmes and events like the biennial International Convention for Youth Leaders and Arts Tapestry. The Alumni Tribute series, which began in 2009, is a series of alumni-organised special projects in support of the school. The projects include Lee Chin & Friends – A String Extravaganza (2009), Consuming Passion – Memories from the Rafflesian Table – a cookbook of 75 recipes (2010-11) and RGS Connect (2011) – a career guidance portal. Every year and Homecoming event since 2009 has seen the alumni database grow from strength to strength.

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RGS provides an extensive instructional programme for the students. This is complemented by programmes that are made available or enhanced through partnerships with experts in the relevant fields and organisations with the resources to give the RGS girl an authentic learning experience and access to current trends in the discipline/field, first-hand knowledge, real-life applications of knowledge and skills as well as opportunities to interact with students from across the world who share similar talents, passions or causes. These partnerships also provide platforms for our students to stretch their abilities and benchmark themselves internationally with the best and the brightest worldwide.

Such partnerships not only benefit the students but also enhance the staff's knowledge and competencies for overall school improvement and help develop a world-class education at RGS. To do this, the school strives to be the preferred educational partner by creating avenues for strategic collaborations with leading individuals and organisations in the area of professional development.

At RGS, partnerships are also an integral part of the school's internationalisation as well as instructional thrust. Unlike regular overseas trips, international programmes that incorporate visits and interactions with our partner schools and educational organisations allow students to engage with their peers or experts in the field at a much deeper and more meaningful level. Often times, strong friendships and insights into the local cultures and values are developed through these interactions. Thus, every RGS girl must be offered the opportunity of an international learning experience that will nurture a leader with a global mindset and cultural intelligence and develop her holistically in a dynamic and challenging learning environment.

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