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Visual Art

The Visual Art curriculum is designed to develop the student's aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking skills as she experiences a range of artistic media. It serves as a platform for the student to experience artistic expression through art creation and criticism.

Design & Technology

The Design and Technology curriculum is designed to fire the imagination of the student as she goes through the creative design process to conceptualize and create an artifact that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, in response to an authentic design situation. This is done through interacting with the physical world, manipulating materials and applying technology creatively and innovatively.


The General Music curriculum is designed to seek to develop students' aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking skills through the experience of a variety of music traditions and genres. It serves as a platform for students to experience musical expressions through listening, performance and composition.


The Home Economics curriculum is designed to empower the students to take personal responsibility of her own well-being by equipping her with appropriate life-skills that will enable her to lead a wholesome and healthy life.