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Student Leadership Development

CCA Leadership

Co‐Curricular Activities (CCA) chairpersons have a diverse array of responsibilities. While they manage their own areas of responsibilities, they all share one thing in common -- a burning passion for their CCA, and a deep sense of attachment to their seniors, juniors, and batch‐mates.

CCA Chairpersons are acknowledged school wide as influential leaders and are role models, not just within their CCAs, but to their peers as well. CCA Chairpersons, with their expertise and their zeal to take their CCAs to greater heights are truly examples for all of us to emulate.

House Captains

There are five Houses in RGS, and each House is named after one of our former principals. The Houses are: Tarbet (Red), Buckle (Green), Richardson (Blue), Waddle (Yellow), and Hadley (Purple). Established by Miss Hadley during her stint as principal from 1946 to 1950, the House system has always been an integral part of RGS, and a source of much pride. Every first Wednesday of the month, the school population turns up for assembly in the bright colours of their respective Houses. Pride in one's House is cultivated from Year One, where the Year One pupils attend "House practices" in preparation to compete in the inter- House games and track and field events. Each House learns a mass dance to be performed at the Sports Fest, and practice their House cheers. House Captains also reach out to the school population by organising Inter‐House Games across various disciplines.

Student Congress

The RGS Student Congress is the youngest leadership board in the school. Student Congress strives to be the true, accurate and representative voice of RGS while cultivating the values of civic responsibility and active citizenry. Through its various board initiatives and activities such as Congress Class Discussions, Advocacy Teams and regular meetings with the school management, RGS Student Congress aims to facilitate productive and professional dialogue between the student body and the school management. RGS Student Congress embodies the spirit of positive change in RGS – seeking to create an ideal environment for the school community to achieve a better age for all.

Peer Support Board

Commonly represented by their mascot, the dolphin, the motto of the Peer Support Board is "riding the waves together with you". As their motto suggests, the Peer Support Leaders (PSLs) journey alongside their peers in dealing with the ups and downs of growing up and meeting life’s challenges. Beginning with helping the Year 1 students make the transition into a new environment, the Board aims to promote a positive peer support spirit and foster close ties between all members of the school, creating a caring and supportive school community, a second family for each RGS girl.

Prefectorial Board

The RGS Prefectorial Board (RGSPB) was established in 1950 with a mere 20 prefects. Today RGSPB is an 80-member strong board. The vision of RGSPB is for prefects to be leaders for life, igniting both spirit and passion for the school, and educating students to be responsible, rational members of society.

Apart from the fundamental role of maintaining discipline in school, prefects also strengthen school spirit and culture in teaching and leading the Rafflesian Cheers during school events and inter-school competitions. The Board offers a range of services centered on the welfare of the student population and collaborates with other leadership boards to organise school events. RGSPB aspires to produce leaders of distinction and dignity who lead and leave a legacy of positive change for the school community.