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Character and Leadership Education (CLE) is an integral part of the RGS mission to nurture the high ability girl to be a leader who will realise her talents in service of nation and community. The school takes a holistic approach to CLE, seeking to integrate the cognitive, with the affective and the social aspects of education.

In line with that, the KNOW, DO, BE principle is adopted so that the pupil is provided with the necessary knowledge and understanding of (KNOW) what constitutes good character and leadership, given the opportunities to practice the attendant skills (DO) and develop competencies and attitudes (BE) of a person who is a

  • A good steward of her life
  • An active and socially responsible citizen
  • A reflective and visionary leader

Character and leadership education is the plate on which the Raffles Programme is served, as it is attended to at four levels

  • Infusion and integration in every subject
  • School-wide structures, policies and practices
  • Co-Curricular Programmes
  • CLE curriculum

CLE Curriculum Focus

The Character and Leadership Education (CLE) curriculum at RGS focuses on equipping the pupils with values, knowledge, and skills that will guide them to make appropriate choices, determine their behaviour and attitudes towards self, others and the community. These positive attitudes will develop them into morally upright, caring and responsible citizens and leaders.

The CLE curriculum provides students with a clearer understanding of community values, the relationships of these to personal values, and the skills necessary for dealing with issues.