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School Crest and Motto

The colours of the school crest are those of the Coat of Arms of Sir Stamford Raffles: Green, White and Black. The open book symbolises knowledge and the burning torch our commitment to forge character and develop lifeskills.

The school’s motto, Filiae Melioris Aevi, emblazoned across the crest, is Latin for Daughters of a Better Age. It is our pledge to the community that girls who pass through the portals of RGS will not simply inherit a fine tradition but will actively forge a finer future for her community.

The Raffles Tree

The Raffles Tree is a bronze sculpture by local sculptor Brother Joseph McNally. This symbol of RGS is located at the foyer of the main entrance to the school. It is a symbolic representation of the fruition of our students' potential.

The four main spirals represent the school's four corporate values, People-Centred, Principled, Passionate and Professional, which provide a firm foundation for the school community.

The birds in a playful mood reflect the true spirit of learning which is one of exploration, freedom and enjoyment. The roots of the tree signify how RGS remains firmly planted in the nation's rich multi-cultural heritage and the school's tradition.

The Statue of Athena

Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom and intelligent warfare, is the protector of Athens. For RGS, she stands for wisdom, industry, energy and creativity - qualities that a RGS pupil aspires to have.